16 Jun

Chairman Ye Cheng talked with the Communist Party's Law-and-order Chief Meng Jianzhu in Central Asia Forum meeting

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On June 16's morning, Chairman Ye Cheng made a speech in the third China Central Asian Cooperation Forum. He said Landbridge group would promote industrial transformation through continuous exploration for clean energy industries by taking advantage of port logistics and international trade. The group has been implementing the strategy of global energy and made successful mergers and acquisitions of the Western Austrialia Energy-one of the listed companies in August, 2014.

Landbridge group runs businesses from various fields such as petrochemical industry, port logistics, real estate, hotel industry and international trade. As a comprehensive enterprise group, Landbridge group is one of the few large-scale private enterprise group in Shandong province.At the G20 Summit last November, Landbridge group also signed "Investment Project from Landbridge Group to Western Australia Energy on Natural Gas Production Base"after the successful acquisition of West Australian Energy Company,At present, the project as a provincial major project is being reviewed and expecting for further confirmation to be part of "the Belt and Road Initiative". Landbridge group is taking Western Austrialia Energy Company as a platform, actively expanding overseas high quality project, speeding up the internationalization of Landbridge group and achieving the energy strategy layout of globalization "Industries at home and resources abroad".

Chairman Ye Cheng states that Landbridge group is willing to work together with central Asian enterprises to complement each other's advantages and win-win cooperation, to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of oil and gas development.